Group Profile

The vision that is the bedrock of The City School Group stems from our belief in the power of education to transform lives, attitudes and prospects. Our determination to be a positive influence for change, and to increase access to quality education across the country, initiated the incentive to launch The Smart School Network – a franchise model that is now firmly established and is flourishing.

The Smart School takes students all the way from Playgroup to Class X. The Smart College is the next progressive step of our underlying aim by providing high quality post-matriculation education.

The rapidly evolving and globalized environment that is the world we live in today requires us to enable and empower students to respond positively to both opportunities and challenges. Part of that process is offering continuity in education — a seamless progression through all levels up to the stage where important decisions are taken about a student’s career and their future. We want to take our students further along the educational path, and we firmly believe that our emphasis on academic and social achievement, coupled with sound traditional values, will help them become accomplished and responsible citizens of Pakistan