Registrations are open throughout the year and are confirmed by filling out the Admission Form at the campus. An appointment card is issued for the admission test, and an interview is conducted by the School Head.

Registration fee is non-refundable and is charged at the time of registration.

Registration does not in any way confirm or guarantee the admission.

Transfer Facility:

The Smart Schooloffers an easy Inter-school and Inter-city transfer facility. Transfer procedure is as follows:

  1. Submit a written application requesting for a transfer to the Head of School.
  2. Make sure all dues have been cleared.
  3. Pay the inter-school transfer fee

    Admission Test and Interview:

    An interview is conducted with the parents while the child is taking the test. The interview assists the School Head to get to know the parents building a strong foundation for home-school partnership. Admission test content is mostly skills-based and is used as a diagnostic tool to assess the age -appropriate knowledge and skills of the child.

    Admission Formalities:

    When the eligibility for admission is determined by the School Head, the parents are required to submit the documentation, which includes;

    1. Attested Photocopy of Birth Certificate
    2. Attested Photocopy of Form B
    3. Attested Photocopies of ID Cards both parents/guardian
    4. Photocopy of School Leaving Certificate from previous schools (if applicable) along with the Result Card of last examination taken from previous school (if applicable)
    5. 2 latest passport sized photographs with 2 self-addressed envelopes

    Once the payment of fee challan is provided along on or before the due date with the admission formalities fulfilled, the child is then eligible to attend the school.The Smart Schooluniform and book lists are provided to the parents after the completion of admission process.

    Classes Ages Classes Ages
    Beginners Step-1 2 Years & 6 Months Class V 9+
    Beginners Step-2 3+ Class VI 10+
    Beginners Step-3 4+ Class VII 11+
    Class I 5+ Class VIII 12+
    Class II 6+ Class IX Matric 13+
    Class III 7+ Class X Matric 14+
    Class IV 8+