Registration for admission takes place throughout the year.

While the student is taking the test, Head of School conducts a brief interview of both the parents. This helps to get to know the parents and builds a strong foundation for home – school relationship.

Parents wishing to enrol their children have to first meet the Head of the School for registration.

If the student meets the benchmark, an admission fee challan is given to the parents to complete the admission process.

On completion of registration process, an appointment for assessment and parental interview is given.

The class to which a child has to be admitted is determined in accordance with the child’s age as on 28th February for schools where the Academic year commences from March and as on 30th of June where the Academic Year commences from 1st July.

The student takes the test on the given date and time.

Each Academic Year consists of two terms. For mainstream schools it is from March to October and October till February.

Class Wise Admission Test Details

Play Group till Kindergarten

In these classes, the test is informal and the following skills are observed:

  • Reading level of a child (recognition of letters or words, fluency and pronunciation)
  • English and Urdu vocabulary
  • Concept of colours
  • Concept of numbers
  • Motor skills (colouring, matching)
  • Confidence of the child

Class I – VIII

  • In these classes, the child is assessed in four subjects; English, Mathematics, Urdu and Science.
  • Each test is of 20 marks and 30 minutes duration.
  • The student brings their own stationery material to attempt the test.
  • Students have to achieve 40% marks in order to be eligible to get admission.
  • The content of the test is not based on any specific book but is mostly skilled based to check the prior knowledge of children appropriate to their age.
  • Any student caught using unfair means during the admission test will be rejected.
  • Test result will be communicated to the parents in two working days.

Admission Formalities

After the child clears the test, he/she is eligible for admission. The parents will have to complete the documentation which includes;

  • Attested Photocopy of Birth Certificate or Smart Card
  • Attested Photocopy of Form B
  • Attested Photocopy each of both the parents CNIC/legal guardian
  • Photocopy of School Leaving Certificate from previous school (if applicable)
  • Result Card of last examination taken from previous school (if applicable)
  • 2 clear passport size photographs
  • 2 self-addressed envelopes

Parents have to pay the fee bill by the given date. It is important to note that the fee is reviewed annually. With the payment of fee bill, admission formalities are complete and the child is eligible to attend school. Uniform and book list is provided to the parent.

Important Note:

Admission forms which are available in school are to be filled in the Head’s Office.