Smart Early Years Education

Beginners Step-1 till Class 2

Smart Early Years programme helps the students develop a positive learning attitude and plays a vital role in personal, social and emotional development of students.

Smart Primary Years Education

Classes 3-5

In these classes, the main focus is on acquisition of knowledge and its application along with the wholesome personality development inculcating the basic values. Students are encouraged to participate in activities so they are able to learn the 21st century skills.

Smart Middle Years Education

Classes 6-8

At this level, the focus is on the consolidation of complex skills, the application of knowledge, and the development of personality and moral values.

Smart Secondary Years Education

Classes 9-10

The major focus is on the development of aptitude and interest of students with focused learning opportunities along with the development and grooming of their personality.

Smart Co-Curricular Activities

Encouraging wellbeing, resilience & purpose

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of a robust education system for the development of well-rounded personality of students. They learn valuable skills such as time management, prioritizing, teamwork and competitiveness. AtThe Smart School, these opportunities are provided through a rigorous house system, clubs, and societies.