Learning Management System:

This feature enables the students to access school work at any time of the day. Online Quizzes, video lessons, assignments and related resources are available for regular practice to enhance students’ understanding.

Result Management System (RMS):

This feature helps to record, view and analyze the student/teacher data and performance with the help of several state-of-the-art tools. Detailed performance analysis reports of the students, teachers and classes are automatically generated on the basis of students’ academic result.

Parent Updating System via SMS:

School management communicates regularly with parents and keeps them updated about various school activities, their child’s attendance and learning progress.

Smart Continuous Professional Development (CPD):

AtThe Smart School, amongst other strengths, is the policy of consistent and high quality In-service teacher training (INSET) programme. It is therefore one of the highly esteemed key features ofThe Smart Schoolsystem. Teacher training programmes encompass the needs of all the teachers, from Early Years to Matriculation. In addition, we have programmes of instruction and leadership training for school managers at all levels. At present following trainings are undertaken for Network Associates, School Heads and Teachers;

  • Orientation and Way Forward Sessions
  • Campus-based Trainings
  • Need-based Trainings
  • Book Orientation Sessions
  • Paper-solving Techniques

Online Induction Programme:

An online Induction Course has been designed by the TSS Academics Team for the newly inducted teachers. During this course, the teachers become familiar with TSS policies and procedures. The course aims at acquainting them with curriculum and operational resources that are present on the Smart Web Portal (SWP). After reading the content, the teachers need to take an online quiz and secure at least 70% marks in it.

We make sure that the teachers are trained according to the evolving needs of the curriculum