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What are we offering?

Special features that set The Smart School apart
Since The City School envisions The Smart Schools as centres of holistic and modern learning, the management wants every student to benefit from the very best that we have to offer. The schools will be equipped with facilities that allow students and parents to enjoy the benefits of quality education. We believe in independent management so the administration will be allowed to run with minimal interference. However, since we expect standardised systems, some functions will be centralised to aid the school management.

It’s a project of The City School
The City School, with more than 40 years of academic excellence, is today a renowned and respected name in the education sector. With the backing of The City School’s strong network, investing in The Smart School makes a lot of sense. It has the support of an established organisation with a proven track record of excellence in education.

Centerlized Head Office
The Smart School will provide a standardised structure of education. For this purpose, a centralised head office will ensure and provide continuous support to the franchises. All franchisees will be continually in contact with the team and through them, a network will be established where all investors will be brought together on one platform.

Standardised Academic Curriculum
TCS will provide a standardised and centralised curriculum nationwide to achieve our mission of quality education at an affordable cost in an excellent academic environment. The developed syllabi will be provided to the associates, ensuring that all Smart Schools are on a par with each other.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
Continuous Professional Development will be the responsibility of the central management. This will ensure that teachers, across the board, receive the same kind of training. It will help the school management in maintaining the high standard.

E-learning Methodology and Smart Boards
The network plans to introduce the Smart Board technology to facilitate students’ learning and to keep them at par with the modern world. The central administration will offer trainings to teachers for the latest e-learning techniques.

Connectivity across the Web
The City School Network intends to create a centralised web portal for The Smart School. In today’s information age, it is very important for our investors to stay in touch and feel connected. The web portal will allow The Smart Schools to connect with each other and present a unified image of their standardised curriculum.

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What’s in it for you?

» An assured ROI (Return on Investment),
» Support from one of Pakistan’s most reputed and academically distinguished school networks,
» A successful business venture that translates into the greater good for all,
» The credibility of being a project of The City School,
» The first mover advantage as an e-learning school,

…and association with a group that:

⇒ has more than 40 years of experience,
⇒ has a nationwide network and an international presence in six countries,
⇒ has a proven track record and an excellent academic programme,
⇒ has the latest e-teaching methodology,
⇒ organises school evaluations, regular staff training and development,
⇒ organises school evaluations, regular staff training and development,
⇒ offers administrative, managerial, marketing and architectural support,
⇒ has a standardised and centralised curriculum,
⇒ has a standardised and centralised curriculum,
⇒ has a standardised and centralised curriculum,
⇒ provides academic resources.