Smart Early Years Education

Smart Early Years programme helps the students develop a positive learning attitude and plays a vital role in personal, social and emotional development of students.


Beginners Step-1, Beginners Step-2 and Beginners Step-3

EYE comprises of seven key learning areas. These include;

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) Language and Literacy
  2. Basic Mathematical Concepts The World Around Us
  3. Exercises of Practical Life (EPL/Physical Development) Care for Environment, Health, Hygiene and Safety Creative Arts
  4. All learning areas are ICT integrated.



The Smart Schooloffers development of essential acquisition of basic learning of content and skills through hands-on experience under the supervision of well-trained teachers. The following subjects are offered in these classes;

  1. English
  2. Urdu
  3. Mathematics
  4. Islamiyat and Naazrah
  5. General Knowledge
  6. Computer Studies
  7. Values Education
  8. Physical Education
  9. Music
  10. Art