The City School

About The City School

Established in Karachi in 1978, The City School is today one of the largest private school networks in Pakistan with branches in all the major cities across the country. It currently has 170+ schools in 52 cities with over 126,000 students in 458 owned and franchised schools. While its Head Office is in Lahore, its Regional Offices support a network of branches throughout Pakistan and overseas.

The City School continues to expand its reach to meet the demands for quality education. The knowledge and skills-based curriculum derived from the UK National Curriculum guides students from Nursery to CAIE (for 16 and 18 year age group), qualifying them for the IGCSE, and O and A Level examinations. The uniform implementation of the curriculum gives parents, students, and teachers the advantage of a smooth and efficient transfer from one school to another within the system.

The smart School

About The Smart School

The Smart School offers world-class education right here in Pakistan. Established under the aegis of The City School, it is committed to providing an ideal learning environment for your child, so that they are not left behind in this rapidly-evolving world. We provide quality education from kindergarten right up till Matriculation, in efficient and well-organised schools.

The smart School


To establish a network that imparts high quality education without discrimination.
We aim to develop a youth who are holistically groomed and empowered to meet the challenging world head-on. Employing the latest teaching techniques, our mission is to inculcate values, moral and ethics in our students as well as grooming them for a successful future.

Group Chairperson’s Message

We are setting out to do something that we had planned to do many years ago – that is, to reach out even farther than we do at present in Pakistan in order to provide good quality education through our franchise schools, and by so doing provide an educational experience for students across Pakistan that will motivate, enthuse and encourage them. I would like to inform you that the broad principles that will guide us in this venture - though the franchise schools will not use the name ‘The City School’ or its logo - are, most importantly, the values, aims and principles that are rooted in the TCS foundation. In other words, our franchise schools and their school communities, including their students, teachers, managers, and parents, are as important to us as all TCS school communities everywhere. Our curriculum, leading to the Matric examinations, will be innovative – based on knowledge and skill, underpinned by research and with a focus on values. The syllabi will be prepared by our TCS experts. To ensure consistency of standards, training in exam design, marking schemes and assessment procedures will be provided, as will central - or unified - examinations. At TCS, amongst our strengths, is a policy of consistent and high quality in-service teacher education. Teacher training is therefore amongst the advantages of our associate schools. Our teacher training programmes encompass the roles and needs of all the teachers, including those who teach the early years to those who teach the higher classes. In addition, we have programmes of instruction and leadership training for school managers at all levels. Our academic, administrative, financial and other policies will be available to the associate schools and will contribute to achieving the highest standards. Together we can provide the kind of education that all discerning parents want for their children in schools that are efficient, well-organised and, most importantly, respect the dignity and wellbeing of the child, the teacher and, indeed, that of the whole school community. I would say therefore to our associate school communities: “Be the best you can be… and by so doing, Pakistan, too, will be the very best that it can be.”

Group Chairperson, City Schools (Pvt) Ltd

COO’s Message

At the heart of our franchise project are the needs of students, their families, and the schools that the students attend. Our franchise system will introduce new systems, new policies, and, especially important, new confidence into communities that have long sought a higher quality of educational opportunities. TCS services are designed to assist the investor and the head of school in achieving the highest standards, quality and efficiency in their school. In addition, the services TCS provides will assist in achieving success in promoting students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development – in a word, the ethos of the school. There are, therefore, many ways in which interested parties gain from a TCS franchise. In particular we note that students benefit, first and foremost, in their daily experience of being educated; teachers gain motivation and job satisfaction; parents have increased confidence in their school and the gratifying sense of being associated with a successful enterprise and investors, heads, staff. Moreover, all interested parties will have the satisfaction of knowing that standards and quality will be based on a firm foundation. Our Project Director and the Franchise Sales Team will be most happy to assist all current and potential investors in any way possible.


Project Director’s Message

Pakistan is fortunate to have a population whose majority comprises a progressive youth with a lot of potential. It’s high time we realise this fact and capitalise on it by educating them so that they take charge of their own destiny and make use of the skills and expertise acquired in school. The City School has been around for more than three decades providing quality education across Pakistan through immaculate curriculum planning and the continuous professional development of its staff. Technological development has been at its fastest pace for the last two decades and our children have the ability to match this pace of growth, provided we equip them with the knowledge and skill to use this to their advantage. The Smart School is a groundbreaking initiative to empower our next generation with the knowledge and comprehension of technology and the benefits thereto. We endeavour to make standardised quality education accessible to all and plan to achieve this dream through The Smart School network all across Pakistan and beyond. We expect investors in Pakistan to come forward to utilise this great investment opportunity and benefit from the experience of The City School.