Web Portal

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Some of the features of our web portal are:
(Click on each feature below to read its details)

  • +Learning Management System

    This module will enable students to access their school work at any time of the day. Audio and video lectures, assignments and many other resources are also available through this module. This innovation enhances our capability of delivering education through an online platform by employing equipment and materials consistent with modern pedagogical needs.

  • +Academic and Result Management System

    It provides several state-of-the-art tools to record, view, and analyze the students and teachers’ data and performance. Detailed performance analysis reports of the students, teachers, and classes are automatically generated on the basis of students’ academic results in the examinations and tests.
    It provides a great strategic advantage through its excellent performance and analysis reports for various people and departments, and helps the administration make informed decisions in the light of these reports.

  • +Parental Updating System via SMS

    The portal will be used by the school managers to send regular updates to parents on the various activities being held at the school and other important information regarding their children such as attendance and health issues.

  • +Lesson Planning Module

    The portal will be used by the school management and Quality Assurance department to keep track of each teacher’s syllabus coverage to ensure there is no academic backlog and that all activities were performed according to the set lesson plan.


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