About the Smart Learning Methodology

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In The Smart School, curriculum and lesson planning is centralised at The Smart School Head Office. This ensures that all teachers and students benefit from the programmes of learning prepared by experienced teachers and curriculum developers.


The web-based system provides a single, common infrastructure to manage teaching, learning and training initiatives in The Smart Schools.


To achieve this goal, our software will deliver e-learning with a secure login that will allow users access to courses, multiple sessions and progress tracking through various tools.


Additionally, the system will allow teachers and administrators to manage, keep track of and evaluate all coursework.


At The Smart School, we use the ‘blended learning method’. This is a combination of web-based

E-learning and traditional teaching methods.


By using the relevant Information and Communication Technology (ICT) teaching and learning tools, the computer labs and web portals, the combination of e-learning and traditional teaching will assist every student to achieve his or her goals in the classroom.


E-learning will assist Smart School teachers and students in meeting subject attainment targets as:
E-learning enables every student to set his or her own pace of study
E-learning is interactive – the systems allow active participation by students
E-learning enables topics to be shown in audio and video sequences
E-learning fosters student collaboration – e-learning activities are interactive and engage students in the learning process
E-learning encourages creativity
E-learning encourages students in the use of research skills
E-learning means that students may access the web portal at any time through the internet
E-learning means that students are unbound by time – the web topic content is available all day
E-learning means that students may use the web for study at school and at home

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